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SEASON 2011/12


Section 1: League Regulations & Procedures



The tournament shall be called "THE SOCIAL SOCCER LEAGUE, KUALA LUMPUR (“the SSL-KL”)". It is primarily an informal collection of teams which aims to create a football community for veteran players in the Kuala Lumpur Region (deemed bounded by Klang, Sungei Buloh and Bangi in west, north and south respectively) and to promote friendship between the players & teams of various origins.



The SSL shall be run by a committee (“the Committee”) comprising the following persons for season 2011/12:



Wayne Lee

Fixtures & Referees
Refs: Wayne Lee

Fixtures - Mac Hew

Match Reporting
Co-coordinator: Thomas Lim


Talon Lim

Disciplinary Committee
Joachim Martin

Wong Keet Wah
Isa Aziz
Yasunori Shiote

Tah Hong Hean

Dennis Lim, Chai, Henry Wong, Zin,Peter

Tan Tai Liang

Thomas Lim






PR, Media & Sponsorship
Kit Chia, Gavin



The committee shall also include such other person or persons who may be appointed by the Committee to replace, substitute or add to the existing members.



The Committee shall have jurisdiction and power over all matters concerning the SSL, including but not limited to, matters of a disciplinary and punitive (monetary and points deduction) nature as outlined in this constitution and expulsion of a team from the league The Committee may from time to time issue regulations to be followed in all matters concerning the SSL and Member Teams shall comply with these regulations.



The SSL shall comprise such number of football teams (“Member Teams”) participating in such competitions that may be determined by the Committee from time to time. In particular, the criteria, duration and rules of such competitions shall be determined by the Committee from time to time.



Teams are permitted to change their team names at any time prior to or during a League season without affecting their results and league standings.



Changes to the League Constitution are the prerogative of the Committee who may consult member teams in this regard. Generally changes would be made between seasons unless there is an urgent issue that needs to be addressed.



The Committee shall from time to time determine the amount and frequency of payments that are required to be paid by Member Teams in order to participate in all competitions. The Committee is required to consult Member Teams before determining the amounts to be paid for this purpose.


Section 2: Eligibility and Registration of Players



The Committee shall decide on football competitions and other events involving Member Teams. The Committee shall also, from time to time, decide on the duration of such football competitions (hereinafter called “a league season”) and the rules that will govern them.


Player Age Restrictions



All SSL players must be born before 1982, with the following exceptions (only) allowed:

  • Players aged between 28 and 29, who have already been registered with the league since season 2009/10 (there can be a maximum of 2 such players per team);
  • Teams may register ex-patriate* players born before 1989. providing that team has not registered more than 5 players (Malaysian included)in total aged below 30.

(* holding valid work permit. SSL Committee retains the right to deny registration of any individual player)


Squad Size



Prior to start of a league season, each participating team shall register a minimum of 15 players, and a maximum of 40 players subject to the following eligibility conditions.



A team can register new players at any time providing the total number does not exceed 40. If a team begins the season with 40 registered players they WILL NOT be able to de-register players to make room for new ones during the season. No de-register of player/s is/are allowed unless with valid reason. No new registrations will be permitted beyond 31 March 2012 for season 201112.


“League” Players



Players under the age of 35 and registered in the following leagues within 6 months from the commencement of the SSL league season are not permitted to be registered:

  • Selangor Super & Premier League
  • KL Premier & 1st Division
  • Please take note that :2 Non-KL/Selangor league players are allowed to be registered (Malaysian before 1984)
  • Any other State FA leagues


Section 3: Matches



The Member Teams shall play SSL games as scheduled by the Committee. The Committee shall take on the responsibility of booking both pitches and referees for each and every game of the SSL-KL at its own costs.



At least 1 month’s prior notice must be given by a Member Team to the Committee and the other Member Team of any cancellation of a fixture. A fixture cancelled in accordance with this provision shall be replayed at any time before the end of a SSL season upon such terms as the Committee may decide. Only 2 such requests are allowed (per team). The Committee may grant additional request in circumstances where it deem fit.



The kick off time or day for a match may be rearranged with the consent of the teams affected, failing which the Committee shall decide on the matter and its decision shall be final and binding on the teams affected. span>



The teams taking part in each league, shall meet twice during the season on a "home and away" basis. The team named first in the Schedule of Fixtures shall be deemed the home team and the Committee May in its absolute discretion nominate a pitch to be used as the home ground of the home team.



The points to be awarded are:- 3 points for a WIN, 1 point for a DRAW and 0 points for a LOSS. If two or more teams have the same number of points, then positions will be decided in the following order of priority:-

1.       Goal Difference,

2.       Greater number of goals scored,

3.       The home and away aggregate scores between the respective teams,

4.       The home and away aggregate scores between the respective teams, with away goals counting as double.

If all these methods do not produce a League winner, then the two teams shall play a DECIDING GAME, on a date to be determined by the Committee and if at the end of regulation time in this deciding game, there is no decision, then a PENALTY SHOOTOUT shall be used to determine the winners.


Section 4: The Knockout Competitions



Member Teams shall also participate in such knockout competitions that may be organized by the Committee during the course of a league season.



Where the Committee shall decide that penalty shootouts are required to determine a knockout competition fixture, such shootout shall consist of 5 penalty kicks per team, taken alternatively, and if the teams are tied at the end of 5 penalties, the “sudden death” system (i.e. Alternative kicks until one side has missed a penalty kick, and both sides have taken an equal number of penalty kicks) shall be used to determine the winner. Only the 11 players on the field at the end of play from each team are available to take part in the penalty shoot-out.


Section 5: General Rules applicable across all Competition



The Committee shall meet all expenses, (pitch fees, officials' fees etc), and shall also be responsible for the booking of the pitch and the organization of the match officials.Teams may also book their home pitch however such arrangement must get prior conscent from the league.



The kick off times for games shall be as determined by the Committee. By kick off time, each member team shall have at least 7 eligible players on the pitch. The match should kick off when one team has 11 players while the other has a minimum 7 players. Team that is late should not ask for the opponent to delay the kick off time as it is not their fault. If teams decided to wait until both side has 11 players, then the match time will be reduced (especially if there is a second match at the same venue).In the event the match officials are late or only 1 or 2 referees turn up, then, with the agreement of both sides, they should try to proceed with the match while waiting for the other referees. Teams will discuss with each other on whether to play with 2 refs in Hockey style format OR each team take turn to choose one of their guy as linesmen. As long as both teams agree, the match could still kick off even if there is only 1 ref and such ref will be the chief ref and both sides choose one guy each as the linesmen. If the Member Team cannot raise the number of players by the grace period, the following applies:  

(1)     League Matches & Group Cup Stage:  3-point penalty; replay played at cost of defaulting team.

      (2) Cup Knockout Matches:  Walkover awarded to opposition with a 3-0 score and RM200 penalty.



Regulation time is 30 minutes for 3 period, with a 5-minute mid point interval. At the discretion of the referee, (taking into account the number of games to be played at that venue, weather conditions etc) and with the agreement of the 2 team captains, this period may be varied, but in any case, shall not be less than 25 minutes each period. Teams can also agree to play just 2 half of 35 minutes if it is due to time constrain.


Abandoned Matches



If matches are abandoned (for whatever reason) with more than 20 minutes of play remaining then either team has the right to request (to the committee) on a non result and a replay of the game. As it is no fault of the league, both teams will have to bear the cost of referees (and pitch cost if any) during the replay. Similarly if the game is abandoned with less than 20 minutes remaining both teams have the right to insist on the score at time of abandonment standing and hence no need for a replay of the game.



The rolling substitution method shall apply in all competitions, and players so substituted, shall be permitted to return to play in the same game.



Prior to each fixture opposing teams should advise the colour of strip to be worn. In the event of a colour clash, the “away” team shall be expected to change.



Save where expressly altered by the provisions of this Constitution or by the Committee, the rules of the International Football Governing Body, F.I.F.A. shall apply in the tournament.


Section 6: Discipline & Penalties



The Role of the Discipline Committee is to ensure that the spirit of fair play is observed in all games played under SSLKL. The committee sets guidelines and rules for on field conduct and works closely with Team manager’s to ensure adherence to the rules and to the fair play standards set out.



The major focus of the Discipline committee is to ensure that acts of violence are totally removed from the league and will continue to enforce harsh penalties on teams and individuals found guilty here. Acts of violence include, but are not restricted to:-

  1. A Physical Attack (of any nature) on another player, spectator or official, before, during or after a game.
  2. Intimidation or Threatening behaviour (of any nature) on another player, spectator or official, before, during or after a game.



Should an official disciplinary complaint/report be raised in writing, (by a referee, opposition team or any KLSSL member), the committee will without bias or prejudice make a decision based upon the facts provided.



The Match Officials' decisions on the field are final. The Committee will not under any circumstances consider appeals against any of the decisions of the Match Officials.



A player who recieved a Yellow card during a game will be suspended for 5 minutes, during which his team cannot replaced him with another player. A player who received a straight-red card during a game, shall be automatically suspended from the next 4 games played by his team in any competition. A player who receives two yellow cards in the same game (red) is suspended for the next 2 games. Any player who is found involved in fight (regardless of whether he initiated or retaliated) will be suspended for the rest of the season.



A player who receives 3 (cumulative) yellow cards for offences committed during the course of the games, shall after receipt of the third yellow card, be automatically suspended from the next game played by his team in any competition. A further 1 game suspensions must be served for each additional two yellow cards received (i.e. season total of 3,5,7,9 etc).



A player who receives 2 red cards, during a league season (which for present purposes includes any knock out tournament) may, at the sole discretion of the Committee, be dismissed from playing in remainder of the SSL league or any knock out tournament.



Enforcement of suspensions under the provisions herein shall be the responsibility of the team managers / captains; he shall inform the Committee of such bans by including the players name and the games where the suspension period is fulfilled.



Penalties for the following offences will be applied as standard:-

  1. Cancelled fixture by opposition, without sufficient notice (1 month rule) minimum 2 point penalty and replay at cost of defaulting team;
  2. “No Show” by opposition or without any prior notice given: minimum 3 point penalty; replay at cost of defaulting team and RM200 penalty. Two no shows in a season may lead to expulsion at the committee’s discretion.
  3. Fielding of (or ‘attempting’ to field) an ineligible players (suspended or unregistered): minimum 3 points penalty and a 3-0 victory is awarded to the opponent.
  4. One team walking off the pitch or forcing the abandonment of the game (as reported by the referee): minimum 3 point penalty
  5. Red Card Offences for Violence will be met with suspension for the rest of the season . If offences are deemed to be serious (based upon Manager and referee reports), such players might at the discretion of the committee have their ban extended or even be expelled from playing in SSLKL.
  6. If a team displays a persistence of player violence (i.e. 3 or more players Red Carded in a season for violence), then the offending team at the discretion of the committee will be punished by between 6 points deduction and team expulsion from the league, the latter being enforced after the team receives a written final warning from the committee.



In cases of serious misconduct involving players or supporters of Member Teams (including reports of violence or abuse of officials), the Committee may, at their discretion, ask to hear representations from the party or parties involved in such an incident, as well as from the Match Officials. If a party is found guilty of serious misconduct, the Committee may impose on such party any such sanction as deemed fit. Such sanctions may include, but are not limited to, warnings, fines, suspensions, deduction of points, and award of walkovers and expulsion of teams / individuals from the League. Such ruling shall cover any incident be it before, during or after any SSL-KL fixture.


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