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 UK Rovers
Team Name : UK Rovers FC
Contact Person : Mohamed Radziff Hassan
Mohd Rozaini Abd Rahman
Email Address :

Contact Number : 019-3608315(Radziff)

UK Rovers Football Club (UKR FC) was established in 1993 (incorporated 1994), shortly after one of us realised that we could not play competitive football anymore.  Tapi sebab yang paling utama adalah tidak ada kelab lain yang sudi untuk mengambil kami bermain so untuk tidak menghampakan diri sendiri dan boost our huge footballer's ego, kelab sosial ini ditubuhkan.

The legend has its that club name is originated from two sources. UK tu timbul sebab nak mengingatkan student-student mangkuk hayun masa KPP dulu tapi boleh gak pergi UK. Lagi satu asalnya most club member duduk kat Ulu Kelang. Rovers pulak sempena mengambil berkat nama Blackburn Rovers yang telah menjadi juara Primier League lama dulu. Adapun, jadilah UK Rovers FC dan kekal sehingga sekarang...

So many-many tournaments dan friendlies have been played either with other social clubs or with the so called Dunhill League teams and kebanyakannya menang aje sampai tak boleh nal recalled. But that was years back. Now when the perut pun dah boroi and the stamina pun tinggal sikit sikit je lagi, winning games have been very difficult and hard to come by.

Players come and go but even with that we still have certain players yang takde kelab lain nak beli and stuck playing with us, either it is plain lucky or it is a curse we also don't know. They do the running and we're doing the cheering and cursing...

Looking back at the past time and after minutes of doing some difficult calculation, our club has surpassed the 10 years mark and still countings. It is quite an achievement for this glorious club and every club members should get a pat on their back for that effort. God willing, we will still be participating in KL Social Soccer League  (if we and the league is still around)  for the soon to be veteran, to play a beautiful game called football.

2004/05 season has not been a very fruitfull season for us as we failed to add any silverware to our throphy cabinet. We hope that this season we would be able to mount a serious challenge to the league with several (??) new faces to th team.

Now, we are a team yang kalau orang tua cakap "Napsu kuat kedarat kurang", tapi kita orang tak pernah lagi back off from any game. Come what may...........

The Team    

Mohamed Nawi Bin Che Hamzah [ UK-01 ]
(DOB: 12-11-1956)
UK-01 Mohamed Nawi Bin Che Hamzah 561112 10 6337.jpg
Ahmad Nazuan bin Abdul Halim [ UK-02 ]
(DOB: 13-12-1970)
UK-02 Ahmad Nazuan Bin Abdul Halim.JPG

Amiruddin Ibrahim [ UK-03 ]
(DOB: 07-01-1973)
UK-03 Amiruddin Ibrahim.JPG
Azrul Nizam bin Daud [ UK-04 ]
(DOB: 15-05-1973)
UK-04 Azrul Nizam bin Daud.JPG

Muhamad Khairudin Mazlan [ UK-05 ]
(DOB: 14-07-1975)
UK-05 Muhamad Khairudin750714-05-5285.jpg
Batcho Kamperi [UK-06 ]
(DOB: 07-11-1968)
UK-06 Batcho Kamperi.JPG

Kahirul Omar [ UK-07 ]
(DOB: 05-09-1974)
UK-07 Kahirul Omar 740509-10-5135.jpg
Azman Maam [ UK-08 ]
(DOB: 26-10-1968)
UK-08 Azman Maam 681026-01-5275.JPG

Abdul Kassim Mohd Ibrahim [ UK-09 ]
(DOB: 21-08-1968)
UK-09 Abdul Kassim Mohd Ibrahim 680821-10-5507.JPG
Mohamad Azli Hamri [ UK-10 ]
(DOB: 24-09-1973) 
UK-10 Mohd Azli Hamri.JPG

   [ UK-11 ]
(DOB: )

Mohamed Radziff Hasan [ UK-12 ]
(DOB: 04-01-1969)
UK-12 Mohamed Radziff Hasan.JPG

Nazli Muda [ UK-13 ]
(DOB: 08-03-1968)
UK-13 Nazli Muda.jpg
Mohd Fadzil Mat Daud [ UK-14 ]
(DOB: 01-01-1969)
UK-14 Mohd Fadzil Mat Daud.JPG

 [ UK-15 ]
(DOB: )

Nor Shahrin bin Abdullah [ UK-16 ]
(DOB: 21-05-1972)
UK-22 Nor Shahrin bin Abdullah.JPG

Mohd Rozaini Abd Rahman [ UK-17 ]
(DOB: 27-09-1968)
UK-17 Mohd Rozaini Abd Rahman.JPG
Mohd Sahlan Mohd Shukor [ UK-18 ]
(DOB: 21-05-1970)
UK-18 Mohd Sahlan Mohd Shukor.JPG

Muzamel bin Mahmood [ UK-19 ]
(DOB: 11-05-1970)
UK-19 Muzamel bin Mahmood.JPG
Noor Akmar Shah Mohd Nordin [ UK-20 ]
(DOB: 03-12-1969)
UK-20 Noor Akmar Shah Mohd Nordin.JPG

Halim bin Zaitun [ UK-21 ]
(DOB: 12-01-1963)
UK-34 Halim Zaitun.JPG
 [ UK-22 ]
(DOB: )

Rahimin Abdul Rahim [ UK-23 ]
(DOB: 18-10-1968)
UK-23 Rahimin Abd Rahim.JPG
Mohd Shaharul Mohd Shariff [ UK-24 ]
(DOB: 09-09-1966)
UK-24 Mohd.Shaharul Bin Mohd.Shariff.JPG

Mohd Fauzi bin Mohd Yasin [ UK-25 ]
(DOB: 13-02-1966)
UK-25 Mohd Fauzi bin Mohd Yasin.jpg

Saidi Mohd Salleh [ UK-26 ]
(DOB: 04-02-1968)
UK-26 Saidi Mohd Salleh.JPG

Sazli Kamal Basha [ UK-27 ]
(DOB: 09-07-1968)
UK-27 Sazli Kamal Basha.JPG
 [ UK-28 ]
(DOB: )

Wan Mohd Zam Wan Embong [ UK-29 ]
(DOB: 01-09-1969)
UK-29 Wan Mohd Zam Wan Embong.JPG
Wan Rumaizee Zaaba [ UK-30 ]
(DOB: 07-07-1968)
UK-30 Wan Rumaizee Zaabar.JPG

[ UK-31 ]
(DOB: )

Zaliwazri Laiman [ UK-32 ]
(DOB: 20-05-1972)
UK-32 Zaliwazri Laiman.JPG

Zafrulan Daniel bin Mohamad [ UK-33 ]
(DOB: 10-04-1970)
UK-33 Zafrulan Daniel bin Mohamad 700410-03-6143.jpg
   [ UK-34 ]
(DOB: )

 [ UK-35 ]
(DOB: )

  [ UK-36 ]
(DOB: )

[ UK-37 ]
(DOB: )

[ UK-38 ]
(DOB: )

[ UK-39 ]
(DOB: )

[ UK-40 ]
(DOB: )

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